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Metadata Games Review

Hello again everyone! Today I will be profiling two games from the website Metadata games. focuses on bringing archival materials to light again in a fun and educational manner. The creators bring the interactions we have with the games into the history of that image or file so that we learn more about it and the archives don’t just drift off into the past.

The first game I chose to play was Stupid Robot, solely for the fact that I found the robot actually really cute and wanted to see why the game was titled Stupid Robot- I won’t lie. However I was very happy that I chose to click on it because not only was the game entertaining, but I also found it very calming too. After playing for probably way too long I realized that by just playing this game I had slipped into a calm, happy, and very focused state. I would 100% go visit Stupid Robot again. The objective of the game is to teach the robot new words and boost his intelligence. The metadata is displayed in an image next to the robot and you type in words of different lengths of anything you can see in the image, and the smarter he gets the longer the words are that he needs. There’s also a time limit so you aren’t getting overly frustrated and staring at the screen for hours on end. It’s actually pretty refreshing and definitely gets your brain working. I found no challenges in using the games, only in coming up with the right words after awhile. Even that wasn’t so bad!

Stupid Robot, the Metadata game.

The second game I wanted to explore was called Zen Tag, which was again entertaining and calming for me. I’m starting to see a theme here in what games I was attracted to! Zen Tag is a game where again the metadata was portrayed in an image above a little box where you type in a description of the image to the best of your ability. You can do phases, words, or even a mixture and simply separate them by using commas. When you’re all done you click “Ohm” to submit and see how many points you get. If you have absolutely no idea what an image is you do have the option to skip; which I appreciate, but after a couple minutes I realized you don’t even need to fully know what it is- you can tag whatever you identify or think it is. It was definitely a fun time. Namaste!

Zen Tag, theMetadata game.

All in all these games were super entertaining and easy to use. I learnt about images I’d never seen before while passing time and playing a little game. I’ll put the links to each game I profiled below and I’d highly recommend checking out the website at the link in the intro paragraph.

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