Digital Humanities

Engl201 Course Audit

When I first started English 201; Computing in the Humanities I had no idea what digital humanities were and it was quite the adventure familiarizing myself with it. Normally I wouldn’t choose a course that relies on digital skills because I am technologically mediocre, but for some odd reason I was drawn to the course and so I registered and here I was for the 2019 May-June semester on the World Wide Web.

In the course we explored the world of Digital Humanities and how it has helped with storing information and knowledge and creating virtual databases to protect all the research and data that we have. At first it was difficult to understand what was expected of me because I’d never done this before and I didn’t have any past info or experiences to draw references from. I was driving blind, as they say. However Grant and Annelise were incredibly supportive and patient, and gave examples and help whenever we needed them so I definitely couldn’t have done it without them. Thank you so much for such a great semester guys!

I feel like overall the course was very informative, convenient, and interesting. My technological skills have been enhanced for sure and I had lots of fun seeing a part of education that I’d never seen before. I’d definitely say that if more examples were included initially I’d have felt a lot more comfortable with what I was doing and could’ve possibly performed better in the course. While I knew it was introductory course it also would’ve been helpful to know what exact level the projects needed to be done to and also more detailed criteria for what was expected of me. However, the support of Grant and Annelise definitely compensated for that so it turned out just fine.

I had lots of fun playing Zentag and Stupid robot and seeing storymaps and more. Thank you for the experience!



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