Digital Humanities

How we all feel when we’re new to digital humanities! I was scrolling through my old pictures and found this gem, to which I could really relate to in this moment while researching.

As I’ve previously mentioned I’m a university student in a Digital Humanities class, which is what brought this site to life. As part of my weekly assignment I created an Evernote notebook with bookmarks to sites that explained more of what digital humanities are and some example DH projects. Here’s the link if you’d like to access my notebook and explore the subject with me!

I found the Animal City project by Andrew Robichaud and Erik Steiner of Stanford university to be very captivating and interesting. This project was meant to show what roles animals had in the 19th century, what urban spaces they lived in, and how those spaces changed over time. The project site was partially interactive and I love interactive sites because you can really learn from them and visualize the data. In this case, you could adjust the maps to show what animals were where and in what year, and see the varying population. The site was organized, well put together, and the information was quite captivating. Here is a link to the project, go take a look:)

I would definitely say that data visualization, multimedia narrative, and text analysis are the most impactful to me. I find them to be the most useful when providing proof and facts to enhance a project or point. They’re also easy to navigate for people who aren’t tech gods, such as myself. So overall I can definitely for-see myself utilizing these tools in the near future.

Talk to you soon,