The Media Effects Theory Project Proposal

This project will explore and address the theory of how mass media influences have altered the attitudes and perceptions of its audience members. Today is the day and age of technology and social media, and while this is wonderful and has advanced us immensely it is also potentially dangerous as technology and media can influence our very thoughts and actions. From kids cartoons to how we view politicians to our society’s view on perfection; media has played a key role in forming these thoughts and opinions. I will be focusing on body imaging and beauty in the media; looking at how beauty is represented in advertising, pop culture, and entertainment such as games, books, and movies. 

This project will be a series of thematic posts on a page in my blog. It will be designed to encourage the spread of knowledge to those who are interested in the subject. It will also be used to help open people’s eyes to what is really happening in the media around us. There will be visualization with images and videos that will help enhance the learning experience and serve as a resource that can be returned to, edited, and added to. My goal for this project will be to inform scholars and interested individuals alike on the stereotyping, subliminal messages, and overall effect the media has been having on our society. While there are many positive impacts that media has brought forth, there have also been many negative impacts and I intend to explore and shine light on both the positive and the negative. 

This digital project will also allow future eager minds to access accurate and modern data and resources from one place instead of spending hours upon hours tracking down sources. There will also be a medley of “pro and con” data with the intention to share the knowledge in an unbiased manner. 

Let’s open this can of worms. 



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